This robot has two motors that directly drive two wheels. The drive wheels are 4 inch Tetrix wheels, and non powered wheels are 3 inch omnis.


external image 19680642898_9aedd2ea1e_c.jpg

This is a drawing of the first test robot with 2 Omni wheels and 2 normal tetrix wheels. -Owen


  • two AndyMark motors
  • two 4in tetrix wheels
  • two 3in tetrix omni wheels
  • two 1010 aluminum extrusions 18" long
  • five 1010 aluminum extrusions 10" long


external image 18911242141_d1bca0b002_o.jpg
This drive train passed the straight line speed test with an average time; it would be able to keep up with most other robots at normal gear ratios. The overall speed dropped though as more weight was added, bringing it to the lower end of the speed scale with 40 lbs added. It's amperage stayed consistently low, drawing less from the battery.

external image 19292995083_8c2ae0fbf1_b.jpg

Due to only having 2 wheels driven by motors, this drivetrain's pull weight was very low. Its amperage stayed low once again, but its max added weight was only 19 lbs,15 lbs less than the current highest pull weight. This means that this drive train is best for lighter, nimbler robots.

external image 18287951923_d056310064_o.jpg
Comparatively, it did not take very much weight to pull this robot sideways; this allows for an easy target to defend against. This drivetrain is not recommended in a highly defensive or offensive game.

external image 18882325286_413091c4f0_o.jpg
This robot has a quick turning speed at its base weight of 7 pounds, but the speed rapidly decreases as more weight is added. At 37 and 47 pounds total, the robot failed to even spin at all. The amps drawn were low, but not far off from the other chassis.

Ramp test - Passed at all weights - Note Robot very slow at chassis + 40 lbs


This nimble robot...
It can move, but not too well;
Try it with low weight.

This drivetrain is easily constructed, but not necessarily the best choice for any robot. Due to a low weight, it draws less amps than other drivetrains, promoting good battery life. Unfortunately, nothing else stands out. Its straight line speed is only average, it has low pushing power, it can be easily pushed around by an opposing robot, and it has trouble spinning under any weight. Overall, this drivetrain is not recommended for any game.