This robot is a 4 wheel holonomic drive robot. Each wheel is powered independently to allow for multi-directional travel.


external image 19842437116_25ff159a1f_c.jpg

This is the holonomic drive with a plate that took the third most effort to make out of all of these parts. Owen


  • four AndyMark motors
  • four 3in tetrix omni wheels
  • 1 18" square base plate - 1/8" aluminum

Testing Data

external image 19736006821_4740f69ec2_o.jpg

external image 19292994623_d2ac50d22f_b.jpg

external image 19108788334_4548bf8b23_o.jpg

external image 19747258446_5b580a531b_o.jpg


My path I know not;
Anywhere I can travel.
But how do I choose...

This robot is highly agile at low weight, but it struggles under high stress. It is unable to go up a ramp or pull much weight, so it is only good at scuttling around. This drive train can be easily pushed around, so it's not recommended for defensive strategies.