Day 01/01/14 12:00pm - 4:00pm



  • Sharps
  • New Team Numbers
  • IR mount
  • Scoop Top Stop
  • Scoop Bottom Stop
  • Scoop Autonomous Stop
  • Top Guide
  • Sizing Cube



sharps need to be filed off the robot because they can cut people. We would prefer not to harm the hardware inspectors in any way and have our robot properly filed. Also sharps could lead to field damage (we do this enough without sharps). ~ Olivia

external image 11698677736_49308f82b6_c.jpg
for some reason I ended up filing the sharps on Lulu rather than one of the many guys on the team ~ Olivia

New Team Numbers

external image 11718451606_c9343ac294_c.jpg
The old numbers got caught and broken because they stuck out so we put paper numbers behind the plastic. sparkle sparkle. ~Olivia

IR mount

A new IR mount was needed. The old IR mount was made of legos and duct tape, and while it did work (what can you make out of duct tape and doesn't work?), we wanted something a little more substantial, so we went to the metal scraps box and found a part of some aluminum that was bent at a right angle and we attached it to the plastic shield and then cut the other side at an angle and attached the IR sensor. This was just what we needed to help stabilize the IR sensor, the angle may need to be adjusted later, but other than that it's very nice.~Tekoah

external image 12261374316_b356295f26_b.jpg
IR Mount - Tekoah

external image 12261225004_47afdc1cb4_b.jpg
IR Drawing Tekaoh

external image 11718461116_021ee02e39_c.jpg
It's a very clean design versus our last mount...~Tekoah

Scoop Top Stop

With our new scoop design, the scoop stuck out three inches so we had to put a hard stop for the arm, we did this by adding a piece of aluminium for the stop. - Wesley

external image 12260788495_b962ca655b_b.jpg
Top Stop part - Tekoah
external image 12261223454_28cfc76844.jpg
Top Stop Drawing - Tekaoh

external image 11718069194_2d420b45dd_c.jpg
we mounted it to the plate that holds the lead screw in place, you can see were it stops the arm - Wesley

Scoop Bottom Stop

We replaced the bottom stop for the scoop with a single piece of 80/20 attached between the drive train of the robot. The new stop is also easily adjustable. - Colbert

external image 11698282724_159f000802_c.jpg
Milling the new bottom stop for the arm. - Colbert

external image 11718058924_ab417ca3cd_c.jpg
The new bottom stop in its place. - Colbert

Scoop Autonomous Stop

In order for the scoop to extend further from the robot, we used a sliding scoop with a locking system instead of a fixed scoop. To keep the robot within 18", the sliding scoop needs to rest at the highest possible point on the arm; therefore, we needed a stop to keep it there before autonomous. At the start of autonomous, the robot will lift the arm up for the scoop to slide down and lock in place. - Colbert

external image 12196118926_1826f6c657.jpg
external image 12195921314_0097faf9b6_b.jpg

external image 11698146503_1787b2ac97_c.jpg
Bending plastic was not working so I had fun with a hammer and bent the top stop out of aluminum.~ Olivia

external image 11698279314_331a93f3e7_c.jpg
This is the top stop ~ Olivia

Top Guide

wile at a tournament we had a block stuck in the corner and stop us from scoring for a few seconds. so we decided to fix the problem with a a wider guide. We also made it taller so that the blocks would not come out the front so we could maneuver fast to get more blocks without losing the ones on the conveyor - Wesley

external image 12261372536_0746c56b85_b.jpg

Top Guide Center - Wesley

external image 12261223514_2be0b70b78.jpg

Top Guide Center Drawing - Wesley

external image 11698663246_7a83c9d116_c.jpg
we chose to use plastic and it can hold two blocks staked on top of each other and hold them in place with the scoop down - Wesley

Sizing Cube

We will be running a qualifier on the 18th of January, and for this reason we needed an 18x18x18 sizing box for the inspectors. We had done some work on the box 'off the clock,' but this meeting we cut, drilled and attached a plastic panel to the top. ~Niah

external image 11698675106_254cf29c3e_c.jpg
Drilling holes to screw the top onto the box with. -Niah

external image 11698143593_1d3a6d7391_c.jpg
The beast in the cage. - Colbert