Day 01/07/16 06:00pm - 08:30pm


- Students
John Paul

Coach Jeff
Coach Mike


  • Building Electrical
  • Prototype Grapple
  • Building Turret
  • Building Pickup
  • Pickup Testing


Building Electrical

This meeting my primary job was putting the electrical system together. The system consists of all of our core modules attatched to two sides of a peice of lexan (plastic.) Previously Owen and I mounted the modules and began to figure out the wire routing. This time the goal was to finish the control wire routing, and possibily also complete the power wire routing. In order to be able to easily manage our wires we used a drill and the bandsaw to cut a wire slot into the plastic. With the use of this slot, the rest of the work boiled down to figuring the most conveniecnt and space efficient way to arrange the wires. In the end we settled for running all of the wires together using tiewraps, and doubleing the wires up next to the "core power module" in order to keep the wires from being loose. -John Paul

external image 24153664022_3cb96aedb7_c.jpg
Here i am driling a hole to mount the board. --Owen

external image 24179288481_5c8391f586_c.jpg
Here is the system in its place prior to wire routeing. -John Paul

Prototype Grapple

At this meeting, we worked further on our grapple subsystem prototype. Since we are gearing our continuous servo up, we had to mount our tape-spinning wheel on a free-spinning shaft. We initially tried to use actobotics pieces, but once we began to assemble the part, we realized that our wheel was too low in the beam and did not have enough room. In order to fix these space constraints, we decided to remake the support pieces out of aluminum and slot them to allow for adjustable heights. That way, we can easily tension our wheel in the right spot with the tape and it will also assist us with our chain and sprocket tension. -Matthew

external image 24235762756_3e1a5a4e85_c.jpg
Here i am cuting the aluminum for the mount. --Owen

external image 23893976829_aff05f729f_c.jpg
Here we are about to mill a slot for the mount. --Owen

Building Turret

Today we continued to work on the turret. The part that we built the other night for the springs to hook on to was not big enough to hold both springs and could not pull them back far enough. The new one would be the same size except with two tabs instead of one for the springs. We found a scrap piece of the aluminum that was close to the right size and cut it down using the band saw to what we needed. Then we used the brake to bend the piece to a 90 degree angle. Next we put it into the milling machine and drilled the holes that we needed to mount it and put the the springs on. When we finished we took the old one off and put the new one on.Samuel

external image 24179301281_06a81fbb7b_c.jpg
These are the measurements for the part.-Samuel

external image 23894041429_d164c2360b_c.jpg
This is the part in use holding the spring in place.-Samuel

external image 23893970939_81283ffc59_c.jpg
This the turret at its full length.-Samuel

Building Pickup

After extensive prototyping we were ready to put the pickup assembly together. My job was to mill slots into the plastic plate for the back so that it would slide into the assembly with greater ease. We started with the holes that had been drilled to assemble it and then just put it in the milling machine and milled it. Next we had to put the PVC tubing into the metal side plates, we had the PVC tube assemblies with the green rubber strips already prepared for this step. While we assembled this we also had to align the chain properly. This was all a little tricky, but in the end we got everything back together.~Tekoah&Melea
external image 23966284200_b5a9513f26_c.jpg
Millig the plastic backing.~Tekoah

external image 24153715042_90855b65ce_c.jpg
Making the pickup work.~Melea

external image 24179316021_35c24c391a_c.jpg
here we are assembling the chain for the pickup. - Wesley

Pickup Testing

After we finished building the pickup it was time to test it, to do this we grabbed the test battery, a camera and some debris from the field. We hooked up the test battery to the pickup motor and turned it on and tossed the debris into the bottom, the pickup grabbed the blocks, that made it into the center and shot them out the top. But for the whiffle balls they tended to take their time and got stuck in ''dead' spots on the way up . To fix this we grabbed a piece of aluminium roughly 3'' wide and 15'' long and stuck it in the pick up and manually held it in place at an angle, the idea being that it would redirect the debris to the center and help them maintain contact with the sweepers as they go up. To our surprise his idea worked and we gathered some thin plastic and cut it into shape and zip tied it into place. - Wesley
external image 24235676866_b7f01dc5f1_c.jpg
here is the sweeper with the plastic pieces installed, and you can see the debris being moved towords the top. - Wesley