Day 01/09/16 08:30am - 03:00pm


- Students
John Paul

Coach Jeff


  • PTC - Turret
  • PTC - Plow
  • Brainstorming Winch Lock
  • Building Battery Box
  • Building Electrical
  • Testing the Winch


PTC - Turret

The turret required many new custom pats and creative assembly. --Owen

external image 24278511516_78e1bae39c_z.jpg
Here is the turret base. --Owen

Material - Aluminum
Mass - 2.3 oz

external image 24304677685_e673f62e04_z.jpg
Here are its dimensions. --Owen

external image 24222148281_a6f37e4e43_z.jpg
Here is the other mount plate for the turret. --Owen
Material - Aluminum
Mass - 1.1 oz

external image 24196476922_f95ebe4b34_b.jpg
Here are the dimensions of the under plate. --Owen

external image 23676449134_0c8c33c475_z.jpg
Here is a slotted piece of 80/20Owen
Material - Aluminum
Mass - 8.6 oz

external image 23676451344_3a1613a56e_z.jpg
Here is the part used to elevate the turret. --Owen
Material - Aluminum
Mass - 1.2 oz

external image 23936835339_f0c843fd48_z.jpg
Here is the slide mount. --Owen
Material - Aluminum
Mass - .2 oz

external image 23676455014_37e655136a_z.jpg
Here is the rod mount. --Owen
Material - Aluminum
Mass - .2 oz

external image 24222159801_052d5473e4_z.jpg
Here is the rod the slides use. --Owen
Material - Steel
Mass - 6.3 oz

external image 23677845423_7cb314a523_z.jpg
Here is the slide. --Owen
Mass - 1.5 oz

PTC - Plow
The plow goes up and down and looks nice with its slide constraint. --Owen

external image 23668339823_89bfff2179_c.jpg
Here is the outside of the plow with matching hex pattern. --Owen

Material - Aluminum
Mass - 10.7 oz

external image 24236033886_86a4aed4eb_z.jpg
Here are the dimensions of the plate. --Owen

external image 24212646731_806ec5a672_c.jpg
Here is the inner blade. --Owen
Material - Aluminum
Mass - 16.6 oz

external image 24269023546_bc63b39d43_c.jpg
Here are the dimensions of the completed inner blade. --Owen

Brainstorming Winch Lock

We brainstormed a winch lock and wrote exact measurements on the white board.--Taylor

external image 23924809719_066f31040d_c.jpg
All of the measurements for the winch lock. --Taylor

external image 24266524466_02cd23f723_c.jpg
To find the answers you seek, you must first become one with the marker. OOhhhmmm --Taylor

Building Battery Box-

Today Owen and I built a new battery box to protect the battery. We started out by measuring the battery and then drawing it out on a sheet of aluminum. Next we cut out the lines that we traced on the sheet of aluminum using the band saw. Then we started bending the sides in to make the box. We also left an extra tab for screws to hold it together. Then we found a lizard and let him chill in the box for a while. After ewe let the lizard go, we found a good spot on the side of the robot pickup's side plate and planned on putting a Velcro protector on the top so it will not fly out.-Samuel

external image 23997119230_df100bd4a8_c.jpg
Owen and I bending the edges in on the box.-Samuel

external image 24210192701_fd12e40a4e_c.jpg
Here we are bending the box. --Owen

external image 23997102670_8c3849a25e_c.jpg
This is a lizard in a box. --Owen

external image 23665858683_3fc0d7dab2_c.jpg
This is a picture of the box mounted on the robot.-Samuel

Building Plow

Today we finished the plow for the front of the robot. We bent the sliding piece so that it would fit on the front of the robot. On the top of the piece, we bent two tabs up to attach the springs to and drilled a hole in them. Once we attached the springs, we mounted the servos and built arms to push the plow down these were mounted on the ends of the 80/20 so that each servo would push down one end of the plow. When we tested it, we realized that the slot we had cut for the winch assembly was too small, so we milled out the slot so it would be longer. The front bracket piece still needed some adjustments but we were able to test the assembly on the field and everything was working well. We did realize that we hadn't left enough space between the plow and the drivetrain for the churro. So we bent the half inch of the plow piece out so it would lock in. WE have some minor adjustments to make, but we made some minor progress on the assembly today ~Olivia

external image 24210304011_ba790d2c8a_c.jpg
These are the tabs for the springs and the sliding piece for the plow. ~Olivia

external image 24266692266_bcf59e8839_c.jpg
Just look at it in its amazingness. Here is the spring and the servo that will run the plow up and down. --Taylor

external image 23997204840_103a06ef09_c.jpg
Here are the servos that push the plow down. ~Olivia

external image 23924951729_b78fd8c5b1_c.jpg
Here we're testing the plow on the field to see if it will lock into the churro. ~Olivia

external image 23665967223_e101897274_c.jpg
We realized that we had not left enough space between the plow and the drivetrain for the churro. ~Olivia

external image 24266626136_b927e7d62d_c.jpg
Testing the plow on the ramp.--Taylor

external image 24292785915_04dc80f458_c.jpg
Making sure the blocks don't get up under the plow. --Taylor

external image 24210165841_3f80f81454_c.jpg
Down making sure it goes down easily. --Taylor

external image 23665878053_00eabdd98f_c.jpg
Up making sure that the springs in the back pull it up. --Taylor

Building Electrical

Today we put together the power wire part of the electrical system. In order to save space and power slots we decided to power our four motor controllers with split wires. Basically we stripped part of a power wire and soldered another to it allowing us to power two controllers with just one wire. After the motor controllers were fully wired up we simply ran wires to the two servo controllers and the sensor module. I am glad to say that the electrical board is complete! -John Paul

external image 24266608506_fc418876dc_c.jpg
Here is the electrical board. -John Paul

external image 23665940963_a2184f1a6d_c.jpg
Here is the electrical board from another angle. -John Paul

external image 23924971719_32b63effce_c.jpg%22
Here we are adding power wires to the plate. --Owen

external image 24184547652_d132bb3d40_c.jpg
Here is the completed electrical system. --Owen

Testing the Winch

Instead of us using a safety hook on the robot like last time we put a safety brake in the winch to keep us from falling of the mountain. We had a little trouble making sure that we would have room fitting it all in the robot and after we moved some things around it was able to fit in perfectly. Then me and Taylor slid a broomstick through it, applied the newly installed parking break, and hoisted it up. The robot held perfectly and did not slip up even when it was powered off.-Samuel

external image 23924896279_45e52e438f_c.jpg
It's not as heavy as it looks and it was for testing purposes. --Taylor