Day 1/13/15 06:00pm - 09:00pm


John Paul


  • 80/20 - Helping Blue Crew
  • Goal Grabber - Improvements
  • PTC - Ball Pickup
  • PTC Drive Train Right
  • PTC Drive Train Left


80/20 - Helping Blue Crew:

Blue Crew applied for an 80/20 grant. They are currently using drawer slides and would like to reach higher goals. We helped them design a four stage 80/20 lift. We cut all the pieces and gave them the parts to build it. I showed them how the slides fit together and how the different connectors work. ~Olivia


I wanted to thank you and Techno Warriors for their help in getting Blue Crew understanding how to use 80-20.

I think once they start using it, they will understand how it can really make a difference in the stiffness of a design.

I appreciate your teams willingness to help others improve their understanding of robotics and look forward to the Qualifier on the 31st.


Walt Holifield

external image 16125669337_409e8196a6_b.jpg
Showing how 80/20 slides work ~Olivia

external image 16125684267_a3a878c073_b.jpg
Discussing different elements of the 80/20 and what parts they needed ~Olivia

external image 15689096964_546ef182ba_b.jpg
Here is a drawing of their lift. ~Olivia

external image 16123963558_31a30f4f7d_b.jpg
They marked the pieces of 80/20 so that we could cut it for them ~Olivia

Goal Grabber - Improvements:

after testing the goal grabbers we decided to add two flexible arms that would grab the holes in the rolling goal when the goal was in the robot a certain way Wesley

external image 15689111724_fda05f29b3_b.jpg
the new hooks seemed to work fairly well - Wesley

PTC - Ball Pickup:

After we redesigned our ball pickup we had to PTC all the new parts. Owen

external image 16471003971_40bfc4759b_b.jpg
Here is the right side plate of the ball pickup. Owen

external image 16446741496_a08352f3cb_o.jpg
Here are all the measurements of the right side plate. Owen

external image 16286839277_09d4c7e607_b.jpg
Here is the new pickup left side plate. Owen
external image 16285040998_4ce1e83787_o.jpg
It is almost identical to the right side plate. Owen

external image 16472732805_c1cae55f2d_b.jpg
Here is the new back plate. Owen

external image 16286492499_7f33269cd4_o.jpg
This part is almost identical to the original.Owen

PTC - Drive Train Left:

After the new pickup some parts of the drive train changed in order to let it fit. Owen
external image 16472733515_4108c6a706_b.jpg
Here is the completed left drive train assembly. Owen
external image 16446741866_b0842cec27_b.jpg
Here is the 80/20 piece the pickup mounts to. Owen

external image 16285041078_778fd77195_o.jpg
Here is the length of the 80/20 piece Owen
external image 16446740116_91438b5a44_b.jpg
Here is the new motor guard. Owen

external image 16472735405_5b45c0e54c_o.jpg
The only thing that changed on this piece was the cut out bit for chain. Owen

external image 15852649383_6f16d94a84_b.jpg
Here is the new left front plate. Owen

external image 15852649933_fc25d9b658_o.jpg

PTC - Drive Train Right:

After the changes to the pickup the drive train slightly changed. Owen
external image 16471789822_507c9d85c3_b.jpg
Here is the complete right drive train. Owen

external image 15850228654_6ae2d9ce7f_b.jpg
Here is the new right motor guard. Owen

external image 16286492859_29bc0cfd05_o.jpg
Here are the measurements of the right motor guard. Owen

external image 15852648943_7a34ce53d8_b.jpg
Here is the new front plate with the bend. Owen

external image 16446741826_36eecc6392_o.jpg
Here are the changed measurements. Owen

external image 16471007051_7eb91c9e42_b.jpg
Here is the 80/20 piece that braces the right front plate. Owen

external image 16446741836_1ee8efb320_o.jpg
Here is the angle of the cut. Owen