Day 01/14/11 6:30pm - 8:30pm




Progress on tasks




A whole lot.
TeleOp is nearing completion


Today we did quite a bit. Niah and I showed up early to get a head start on the software.
  1. We combined these while loops into one larger while loop. We did this because the more while loops you have in a program, the more lag you have, so we did our best to eliminate as many that we can. We do this by placing all the actions that don't run at the same time in one large loop.
    1. Loader Arm/Loading sequence
    2. Cup Trap
    3. Cup Arm
    4. Cup Angle
  2. The only control not added to this loop was the Belt Conveyor and the only control we haven't created is the Conveyor Arm.
  3. We also made the cup arm and cup trap have initialization positions.
  4. We added timeouts to some of the DC motor blocks.
  5. And moved the 1000msec Wait block from outside the case structure on the Belt Conveyor to the inside.