Day 01/14/17 07:00am - 05:00pm

FTC Hartfield Qualifier


- Students
John Paul

Coach Jeff
Coach Mike


Retired 3486 Team Members

We have many retired members, but a lot of them like to come back and help with events and at the shop with different things from sorting part to helping bend plastic. One of our retired members Zeph Long is now the head zebra boss in Mississippi and goes to all the FTC events in the state. At the Hartfield qualifier Zeph, Colbert, and Olivia came out and refereed, it was nice to see them again.~Melea

external image 32176129042_db0200d808_c.jpg
Olivia, Zeph, and Colbert.~Melea


This qualifier we decided to not bring our big cart. This was for both convenience and in the interest of not overwhelming/discouraging newer teams. Unfortunately, it also meant not having our TV for our presentation. While that would not have been that much of a problem normally, we were missing two team members to prior commitments. This meant that those of us who were present had multiple new slides to talk about, and having the TV would have been nice to allow us to glance over to verify when we were supposed to talk. Even so, I think that the session went well, there was some stumbling but overall everyone performed well. -John Paul

external image 31515398543_f6e1f73922_c.jpg
Here we are practicing for the technical presentation. -John Paul


Every event we try to scout out other robots to see how they could help us in upcoming matches and also to plan out how we should play against them. We also scout to find our best possible alliance partner. At this event we saw more robots with actual launching mechanics and even one with cap ball capabilities. Most robots at this event were only able to capture beacons however, one of these robots made it into the top 3. We also had other teams come and scout us so we had to answer to other teams for the same information we were asking of them. This also allowed us to practice being interviewed by judges._Robert

external image 31949159240_33032c16fb_c.jpg
Here I am explaining what our robot does and how to a team asking for scouting information. -John Paul

Helping other Teams

Throughout the day we helped several teams fix both software and hardware problems. Some things that we helped with would be programming an autonomous mission, providing a tool to fix a robot and even giving an extra hand to help make a repair on a robot. One of the teams that we helped had a loose wire get pulled out of a motor controller. The team did not have a small enough screwdriver to fit in the small space and tighten down the set screw that held the wire in place. So we used a flathead bit from our toolbox, tightening the screw a quarter turn each time by hand with a pair of pliers, this ''quick'' fix helped the team get their robot back in action and continue to compete. - Wesley

external image 32325981725_8e2672fef9_c.jpg
Here I am helping a team who had a problem with their scoring mechanism. - Wesely

external image 31949143820_2a8ea1934c_c.jpg
Here I am attempting to help fix some programming issues they were having. -John Paul


Because this was a qualifier all of the team members had the chance drive the robot during the qualifying rounds. The qualifying rounds went well, we lost one match but won the rest of our matches putting us in third place going into the semifinals. During alliance selection, we picked team #8651 "Wait For It" to join our alliance. We teamed up with "wait For It" in Arkansas and had a really good chance of winning and even setting a world record, however, both robots had software problems in the semifinals and we were eliminated. So we teamed up again and with first two matches in the semifinals ending in a win for our alliance we prepared for the finals against ''Blue Crew Too''. In the first match of the finals, both alliances were scoring very quickly and we knew it was going to be a close match thankfully our alliance came out on top in the first match giving us an advantage going into the second. The second match started out in the same way as the first both teams claiming beacons and score particles as fast as their robots can cycle through them, at the end of the match both alliances were unsure of who had one the second match. and after congratulating the other alliance on a great match we waited for the scores to be added up and to the surprise of both teams the match scores were posted 140 Blue to 140 Red, it was a tie this meant that there was the possibility of a fourth match. The third match was carried out just like the previous both teams score as fast as they could but in the end, our alliance came out on top winning the final match. - Wesley

external image 31949131320_b2b69b5f29_c.jpg
here we are competing against Wait For It in one of the qualifying matches. - Wesley

Alliance Partner

At the end of the qualifying matches, we were the 3rd seed so we decide to go with Wait for it... again just like at Arkansas state championship but this time we were picking them. After the other teams pick their partners it was off the semi-finals! I'm happy we picked Wait for it.. as our alliance partner. And we won the finals with them!!!.~Melea

external image 31515336153_2c3628fd16_c.jpg
Waiting with Wait for it... Melea

external image 32206327021_bacec77fac_c.jpg
Our alliance!~Melea


We performed pretty well during our qualification matches, giving each team member who wanted to a chance to drive. We entered alliance selection placed in third and picked team #8651 Wait for it to be our alliance partner. We entered the first match with our normal driver Wesley and I and performed our best winning both matches and moving on to the semi-finals. We moved on to the final matches doing our best but due to both robots autonamases failing we walked away with a loss on match 1. Match two we entered with hopes of winning both teams play hard and scored fast and when the second match scores came in it was a tie. The final match was a victory for our alliance and we congratulated the other alliance for the great games we had with them. --Taylor

external image 31515306513_dd6974cdce_c.jpg
We worked well with Wait for it and managed to win the semi finals. --Taylor

external image 32325926055_9ac785375a_c.jpg
Setting up the robot.~Melea

external image 31484046064_f68465c87d_c.jpg
Winning picture of Wait For It and TWA_Robert