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This site’s main purpose is to serve as the Official Engineering Notebook for the team.What is an engineering notebook? I shall explain: An Engineering Notebook is an extremely detailed, documented journal of every change made to our robot, every piece of code added or subtracted to our software, and every idea thought at the team meetings.
At this point you’re either thinking “This is amazing, their entire notebook is online for anyone in the world to see!” or “Robots? Teams? What is FIRST? How did I get here!?” To answer those who might be pondering the latter, see the FIRST website here: http://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/ftc. For more information regarding the Mississippi FTC program visit http://msftc.org.
To those who DO understand everything that I’m talking about, or if you yourself are on an FTC team or are affiliated with FIRST: To navigate this website, simply click on a month and date from the left-hand side of this page and you will be linked to an actual page from our engineering notebook! Our Notebook is edited for one week after the date printed and then the page is locked to further editing, excluding pictures, which are uploaded offsite on flickr. In accordance with FIRST’s rules for creating an engineering notebook, there are also short bios of every student member (found on the “Meet the Team” page). There are various other pages on this site, such as Chaos, which are just for fun and will not be entered into the Notebook. Typically, only the pages that have dates for titles will be printed out and placed in the Notebook.

Take a look around and enjoy your visit!

This website is used by every one of the team members, coaches, and mentors of The Techno Warriors Advanced #3486 FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team. The Techno Warriors Advanced team is located in Brandon, Mississippi. The team is supported and managed by Central Mississippi Robotics, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization.

~The team members of The Techno Warriors Advanced
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The Drivetrain Product:

Techno Warriors Advanced is pleased to introduce TWA-1, a FTC drivetrain. This kit includes all parts and tools needed for assembly, allowing any team to become more competitive instantly. The Techno Warriors Advanced have eight years of FTC experience designing, testing, and building drivetrains. We wanted to offer teams the opportunity to build a highly capable drivetrain from a kit in order to become more competitive, whether one is a rookie team, or a world champion. With the step by step directions provided, any team can build this drivetrain in a matter of hours. This drivetrain is highly adaptable, and once built, will provide many seasons of reliability.

external image 35699710623_fbf011405a_c.jpgexternal image 35699716483_6f32f2d732_c.jpgexternal image 36135745910_44d15f8700_c.jpg

TWA-1 is an elegant six-wheel drivetrain, linked together with precision gears to provide a very powerful, maneuverable and fast drivetrain. Design features include:
· Four Omni wheels allowing it to turn on axis, while still providing straight line pulling power.
· Two drive wheels provide incredible grip to the field and limit wheel slip allowing autonomous programs to become much more accurate.
· A gear drive which transforms motor power into wheel power without the efficiency losses found in chain or belt drives. With only 5 gears on each side, this drivetrain is designed to be maintenance free.
· Quarter inch steel shafts used on each wheel provide 10 times the strength of Tetrix shafts. They are mounted in two high performance ball bearings providing years of maintenance free rolling.
· All setscrews used in the drivetrain are half-dog type. All motor shafts and wheel axles are machined with a groove, providing an industrial solution.
· Precision laser cut side plates hold the drivetrain together, and provide the stability and proper alignment for the gear train.

Drivetrain Flyer:

Cost – We are selling this drivetrain at cost to help other FTC teams become more competitive. Techno Warriors Advanced donates over 7 hours preparing parts for each kit. Priced at $500 plus shipping.

So, what are you waiting for?
For more information Contact Techno Warriors Advanced at twa3486@gmail.com or call 601-421-0007 to learn more.

To read more about this incredible product go to:

Drivetrain Product

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Team Name and Location
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Blue Crew, MS
Wait For It, MS
Techno Warriors Advanced, MS
Hartfield, MS
Blaze, Arkansas
Robotic Raiders, Meridian, MS
The Digital Lions, Lamar Christian School, MS
WildBOTZ, Arkansas

East Rankin Robotics

East Rankin Robotics
Wavebots, Tupelo

Presentation of the Drivetrain Project:

Updated with data from TWA-1

Presentation How to Build with Tetrix:

Rent A Warrior:

Techno Warriors Advanced, Team 3486, wants to share its knowledge and experience with fellow Mississippi teams. TWA has always had an open shop policy and that remains unchanged. However, some FTC teams are unable to travel to our Brandon location, so Team 3486 is offering to do the traveling instead. Simply call 601-421-0007 to order a Techno Warrior Minion. Don’t wait – the supply of Techno Warrior minions is limited!