Techno Warriors 2016-2017 Engineering Process

Step One - Project plan

The team drafted Project plan and a preliminary schedule: Project Schedule 2016-2017

Step Two - Systems requirements

The team created a list of overall system requirements. As the design is completed each of the requirements will be assigned a subsystem and status. Robot Requirements 2016-2017

Step Three - Subsystem definitions

In this step we decide what subsystems we would need to build and operate the robot.
  1. Pulse Drive - Designed to move the robot on the playing field and the mountian. - Joseph and Owen Pulse Drive
  2. Electron Highway- Used to power the robot in the simplest most effective way. -John Paul Electron Highway
  3. Particle Collector- Designed to pick up Particles and supply them to the Accelerator. -Robert Particle Collector
  4. Particle Accelerator - Accelerates the Partial to desired launch speed. - Wesley Particle Accelerator
  5. Neutron Capper- Lifts the large Neutron and places in the cap position. -Taylor Neutron Capper
  6. Bacon Activator- Pushes the Beacon Activator buttons - Melea Bacon Activator

Step Four - System envelope

In this step we alot space (Size and Weight) to each subsystem

Step Five - Subsystem Design

Each subsystem then goes in to a in depth design process:
  1. Introduction - A Brief description of the function of the subsystem
  2. Design - Requirements - The design requirements of the subsystem
  3. System Envelope - Space and weight allotment information for the subsystem
  4. Sketch of Basic Design - Sketch of the preliminary design
  5. Prototype - Details of testing of the prototypes. Some of these work and others fail
  6. Technology Selections - Special Technology used in the subsystem
  7. Detailed Design - The final design of all parts, calculations on design and complete PTC drawing of subsystem
  8. Critical Design Review- Is this going to meet the requirements? Will this actually work? Double check everything.
  9. Software Design - Software is designed to operate the subsystem
  10. Manufacturing Robot – The robot is built per the detailed design
  11. Testing - Testing of the design at different phases of construction. Software is also tested.
  12. Parts list