Not sure what will go here eventually, but since I've been working on writing some modules for the now platform, I thought I might say a few words.
Your resource for everything you need regarding the new system is the FTC Forum, particularly the section on New Technology. Outside the forum, your next best resource is the documentation itself, which is currently available in beta as a Git repository on GitHub.

First has training modules for the new control system. Sign up and starting learning here:

Alternatively, you are welcome to fork our team's fork of this repository at or my personal fork at where you'll find the latest edition of the FTCRC_Extensions.


So back in the good old days of RobotC, we had our own mini-library with a few tools that made programming a new robot really easy. Now we have the FTCRC_Extensions, a package with a bunch of classes which can be used to make development easier. The day we received our new controller system, we were able to write a tank drive teleop program where the opmode consisted of 3 variable declarations and 4 statements. I'll be working on making the extensions easier to integrate into your existing software (currently, it works best when you start out with a fork of the software which already contains that package).

- Jacob