Week 1: Variables, Datatypes, and Operators
For week 1, we covered the fundamental building blocks of Java programming. The lesson begins with variables, progresses to common datatypes, and finishes with arithmetic and relational operators.

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Week 2: Logical Operators and Program Control Structures
For week 2, we covered logical operators and branching program control structures like if statements and switch statements. The looping program control structures will be covered next week.

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Week 3: Looping Structures and an Introduction to Methods
For week 3, we continued program control structures with the looping structures (while loops, do while loops, for loops), and we finished with a introduction to methods in Java.

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Week 4: GitHub and Documentation
For week 4, we covered how to use GitHub and good documentation practices.

Week 5: Object-Oriented Programming
For week 5, we cover the basics of object-oriented programming and how it is utilized to create expansive, organized structures.

Extensions Library

Auto Driver

Continuous Servo


Encoder Auto Driver

Game Pad Wrapper

Gyro Auto Driver

Hardware Configuration

Optical Distance Auto Driver

Range Auto Driver

Range Sensor

Stall Monitor

Teleop Driver

· The FTC Programmer
o Communicates with robot design team and implements design requirements
o Writes Teleop and Autonomous programs

· Learning to Program in Java
o Programs proceed from top to bottom by performing instructions
o Instructions use variables and datatypes to accomplish a goal

§ Variable declaration: datatype variableName;
§ Variable assignment: variableName = value;
§ Variable initialization: datatype variableName = value;

o Common Datatypes:
§ int, float, double, char, String, bool
o Operators modify variables in an instruction
§ Arithmetic: +, -, *, /, %, ++, --
§ Shorthand Arithmetic: +=, -=, *=, /=
§ Relational: ==, !=, >, <, >=, <=
§ Assignment: =