This robot is very similar to the previous robot in that four motors are directly driving four 4" tetrix wheels, but this time the motors are chained together on each side.


external image 19247739703_1b30f901f3_c.jpg

This is the drawing of the four wheel chained robot and for some reason the motor mounts are not techno warrior green and two motors are blue unlike the rest. Owen


  • four AndyMark motors
  • four 4in tetrix wheels
  • four tetrix sprockets
  • two sets of .25 chain

Testing Data

external image 19443866129_7592916d80_o.jpg
This drivetrain's straight line speed is in the middle of our testing data; it can keep up with other robots of normal gear ratio without straining the battery.

external image 19913948195_06e8e0466d_b.jpg


external image 19908092762_1d54c057da_b.jpg


external image 19623424542_bb6dcbc8fe_o.jpg
This drivetrain was able to spin at any weight added, but it spun slowly. This is not the best choice for maneuverability, although it can still spin at 49 pounds.

Ramp test - Passed at all weights


Together we spin...
Connected by lengths of chain...
Unity is key.

This drivetrain can maneuver around the field under heavy weight, but it is only at average or below average speeds. It is easily constructable and does not draw a large number of amps during movement. It can push/pull an average weight, but it is easily pushed around by other robots. It is thus effective and passable, but not the absolute best option for any task.