This robot is powered by four motors that directly drive the four 4" tetrix wheels. The motors on each side are not chained together in this design.


external image 19842443146_868b4b8a7b_c.jpg

This is the four wheel with the motor mounts in some strange "radioactive sludge yellow" ~ Matthew But other than that nothing is special about this robot. Owen


  • Four AndyMark motors
  • Four 4" tetrix wheels
  • two 1010 aluminum extrusions 18" long
  • five 1010 aluminum extrusions 10" long

Testing Data

external image 19443866129_7592916d80_o.jpg

This drivetrain's straight line speed is in the middle of our testing data; it can keep up with other robots of normal gear ratio without straining the battery.

external image 19727273929_1eb3d10338_b.jpg
This drivetrain boasts meager pushing/pulling power. It can pull significantly more than a two drive/two omni drivetrain, but its data is still relatively low compared to the other drivetrains tested. Its amperage is average, so this drivetrain can handle extra weight without drawing too much power from the main battery.

external image 19007871334_a754e851a6_o.jpg
The data here suggests that this drivetrain can be pushed around quite easily by opposing robots. Thus, it is not recommended for robots who plan to play defensively, as they will easily be slid out of the way.

external image 19727377229_b0271b1982_b.jpg
This drivetrain was able to spin at any weight added, but it spun slowly. This is not the best choice for maneuverability, although it can still spin at 49 pounds.

Ramp test - Passed at all weights


It may seem basic...
Connect the wheels with chain please...
That might work better.

This drivetrain can maneuver around the field under heavy weight, but it is only at average or below average speeds. It is easily constructable and does not draw a large number of amps during movement. It can push/pull an average weight, but it is easily pushed around by other robots. It is thus effective and passable, but not the absolute best option for any task. It is recommended to connect the wheels together as in our 4 Wheel - Connected drive train configuration.