This drivetrain consists of four motors that are driving a total of six wheels with three on each side by chain. Four of the six wheels in this design are 4" Omni wheels from AndyMark and the remaining two are AndyMark high performance wheels. We tested the wedgetop treads and the performance treads separately, as demonstrated by the data below.

external image 19048100313_4e4069cd6d_c.jpg
Here I am drilling a hole in the robot. Owen

external image 19670651919_46f1fa3a6b_c.jpg
Here I was assisting with data collection.-Matthew

external image 19236355443_4d55136e4a_c.jpg
Here I am about to start the robot on the straight line test. -John Paul


external image 19861221982_4575a50e3b_c.jpg

This is the most difficult robot of them all to make due to the custom wheels. Owen

external image 19680629638_cf27789af5_c.jpg

This is the high performance andy mark wheel with parts added. Owen

external image 19873632211_a647bf6e5e_c.jpg
This is the Andy mark Omni wheel that has parts added for speed of assembling. Owen

external image 19680645638_6f9eedd51f_c.jpg
This is the completed high performance wheel after 7 extrudes, 2 patterns, 5 rounds, and a chamfer; it took several hours of work and LOTS of constraints. making it the 2nd hardest part made for this robot. Owen


  • Four AndyMark motors
  • Two AndyMark high performance wheels
  • Four AndyMark Omni wheels
  • Two sets of .25 chain
  • two 1010 aluminum extrusions 18" long
  • five 1010 aluminum extrusions 10" long
  • six 1010 aluminum extrusions 4" long

Testing Data - Wedgetop

external image 19152538113_9f39ff3a90_o.jpg

external image 19294952083_6fd8c0af1c_b.jpg

external image 19773437515_db00bf3500_o.jpg

external image 19586835849_acfb6d25aa_o.jpg

Testing Data - High Performance Tread

external image 19747259476_76fbc73561_o.jpg

external image 19291324684_887bf53eb0_b.jpg

external image 19747259076_cdf0a09be0_o.jpg

external image 19585425438_322d573e31_o.jpg

Ramp test - Passed at all weights


It spins really fast.
Like a furious whirlwind...
Super-duper spin.

It was incredibly good at spinning no matter how much weight we added, making it very maneuverable. This would be a good offensive robot with decent defensive capabilities, as it took a lot of weight to move it. It is also optimal to gear up this drive train for different strategies, as its overall effective performance would carry over to any strategy.