Day 1/1/15 01:00pm - 04:00pm


New Ball Pickup to Delivery Shoot


  • Ball Pickup Testing
  • New Ball Pickup to Delivery Shoot
  • Goal Grabber Improvements
  • Delivery Improvements


Ball Pickup Testing:

We made a new ball pickup inspired by some we had seen at Arkansas. We used zip-ties and green tubing the green tube was only used on the last row to get the balls betters once they were off the ground they go up just fine, so we could pickup balls faster and it worked.~Melea

At Arkansas we realized that we could be more competitive with an improved ball pick-up. During the course of the competition we watched to see what worked and what didn't for other teams. We were hoping to be able to be inspired by other designs. After we got back from the competition we started brainstorming using pictures that we had taken of other robots for our inspiration. We decided to use Monkey Madness' pick up as our main basis. We used the zip ties with rubber tubing to pick up the balls better. During our testing one of our main issues was picking up too many balls! We will be adjusting to make sure that we aren't picking up too many consistently.~ Tekoah

external image 16174214482_a3eb977b29_b.jpg
Testing the pick up. ~Tekoah

external image 15988912119_76cf140374_b.jpg
our working pickup.~Melea

New Ball Pickup to Delivery Shoot

We remade the transition piece that the balls go on from the pick up into the delivery. We cut a hole in it so that the little balls will fall out and only the big balls go into delivery. The first piece we made the hole was too big and the big balls were getting stuck in the hole. We made a gate made a servo gate so that we can statgicly close the gate if we want to pick up small balls. ~Olivia

external image 15987638610_17fb16fb9a_b.jpg
This is the new metal piece before it was cut. Nail game on point ~Olivia

external image 16174945785_d445df1dfd_b.jpg
This is the new servo gate for the small balls ~Olivia

external image 16149119886_5784abf1a8_b.jpg
Here is the new small ball gate (closed) ~Olivia

Goal Grabber Improvements

We decided to change he way that we hold the onto the goals, by cutting out a notch in each of the bumpers in a way that allows us to hold the base in several positions, without changing the distance between the opening of the tube and our delivery. After this change the arms were to long so we made them shorter and cut them at an angle that would not touch the tube. - Wesley

external image 15555154563_19244818e4_b.jpg
here we are checking to make sure that the arms line up with the holes in the base - Wesley

external image 15988867489_3c1cef2534_b.jpg
here is a closer look at the angle that we cut into the arms and how they grab the tube - Wesley

Delivery Improvements

We wanted to shrink our gate so we can lift it when near the center goal and also let small balls out. Owen

external image 15989159917_3331661201_b.jpg
I am reinstalling the ball gate after i cut it. Owen