Day 01/06/12 05:00pm - 08:00pm




Progress on tasks




Continue work on programs
In progress


Add Electrical and Team number to cart


Created Playbook of programs

Repair Drive train

Replace drive motors


Added lights to robot.
Niah, Harrison


Tonight, we fine-tuned some of the programs. Mainly the parts that capture the ball, since they aren't always accurate. We were about to test the new light sensor when *dun dun dunnnn* catastrophe struck. One of the racquet balls jammed in between the wheel and light sensor on the Right side of the robot. The wheels completely froze up and we smoked the motors. -Jacob


In order to prevent the theft of our amazing cart, we have decided to emblazon our team name and symbol onto the cart. This is accomplished by printing the pattern over several sheets of paper. We then cut the pattern out to create a stencil. We then (one side at at time) taped the stencil in place and sprayed the thing with paint. We also attached a set of Christmas lights to the edges. Finally, to add to the functionality, we added a commandeered FRC battery and an inverter to power our lights and a charging station.==>Harrison
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external image 6656341101_c98c4279a9_b.jpg


Over the week, I made a draft of the Playbook, which will probably serve as our final. Here is a sample of the cover and a page out of it. Censored because I don't exactly want everyone to know what all we are capable of. The judges will receive a full copy and after the season is over, I shall post the entire playbook. -Jacob

external image 6650456011_ff1f771c3c.jpg

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Repairing Drive Train:

In out last programming session we got a ball stuck between the new light sensor and a wheel. This locked up the drive train and burned up the two right side drive motors. Both motors where replaced and it was our first motor failure of the year. We did some testing on the motors and found that they have different terminal resistance:
  • The dead moors had very high resistance
  • New motor had 4 ohm's of resistance.
  • Weak motor had 14 ohms resistance.
We are trying to figure out if this is a reliable test on the motors.- Harrison


After the Georgia qualifier tournament, we decided to add lights to the robot. For this purpose, we salvaged a set of flashing LEDs from a string of Christmas lights. These LEDs are wired up to a 9 volt battery. The LEDs are 3 Volts and are thus wired three at a time into the battery. These sets of three then wired to the sides and front of the robat.==>Harrison