Day 1/6/15 06:00pm - 09:00pm


John Paul


  • Promote Video


Promote Video:

For the Promote Video we determined to do an idea that we had all kind of wanted to do for awhile now. An infomercial. Matthew was the main character and now I all think he should go into acting as his full time career (no one really needs to finish high school, right?). We used other team members to do the testimonial part of the infomercial, I was the Giraffe Rider. It was pretty smaaby. It took us about one day for filming, using everybody that we could. After the video was completed and everything was edited properly, we created a blooper reel for the first time ever, and that was pretty epical.~ Tekoah

This year, we went all out for our promote video! We decided to make a cheesy infomercial, and I was cast as the main salesman. I was then required to dress as smaaby as possible, and I was given a large Mohawk to wear to really accentuate my facial features under such intense lighting. We then began the filming, which was very intense. I memorized my lines after about 15 tries, and this only took two hours. I now know what it feels like to be an actor. Acting forces one to reveal his false-made-up-silly-crazy character that he/she secretly hides within. After many rigorous hours of filming, I finally got my lines perfect and the video was made. -Matthew

Today we got to filming this year's promote video, We did a smaaby infomercial and most of the team members got a small part in the video if they wanted it, it was tons of fun to film and it only took almost all day to get right and this year we finally are getting a blooper reel.~Melea

external image 16258985012_5231acdbc6_b.jpg
Here you can see the attire that my costume designer chose for me. The dark suit contrasts with the chainmail tie, and the mohawk accentuated my facial features, so I only had to wear about 17 pounds of makeup. -Matthew

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Here, I am gesturing towards my only friend, Ivan. -Matthew

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Working on the script.~Tekoah