Day 01/10/15 7:30am - 7:30pm

FTC Delta Qualifier

John Paul


  • FTC Delta Qualifier Volunteering
  • 80/20 Update - T.R.O.N. 6302


FTC Delta Qualifier Volunteering:

We volunteered at the Delta Qualifier. There were 13 teams competing and I was a hardware inspector in the morning and a referee in the afternoon. It was fun to inspect the robots and everyone passed after some adjustments. Being a referee gave me encouragement to really learn the rules which will help me as our drive coach. There were few penalties enured and the matches were relatively easy to score. It kept me busy all day and it was fun to watch the robots and interact with the teams. Four teams qualified for state and we are looking forward to competing with them there. ~ Olivia

I was a referee at the Delta qualifier, I had a lot of fun reffing the matches and watching the teams compete, at the end of the day four teams advanced to the state championship - Wesley

At the Delta Qualifier, I was a software inspector. My job was to ensure that all of the robots would be able to connect the field control by "flashing" their Samantha modules, and I also checked for the required programs on the NXT bricks. Later in the day, I ran field control with John Paul, and we made sure that the matches started at the correct time. It was a great experience to help out and see all of the innovative robots at the tournament. -Matthew

At the Delta Qualifier in Greenville I helped make sure all of the teams were ready and there for their judging session. When the qualifying matches started I helped by picking up all the balls and resetting the tubes. I enjoyed being there and had fun helping and watching all the robots run. After the competition I helped take down the fields and put stuff away. After a long day I enjoyed nap on the way back.-Samuel

At the Delta Qualifier I was the field resetter which meant that I was the one who made sure that the field was back to its normal self after the robots got done. I enjoyed watching what other teams build to compete.--Taylor

The Greenvile qualifier was an interesting experience for me seeing as I have never volunteered at a FTC competition before. For me the day at the qualifier began with setting up the practice field and queuing for judging sessions. After that I got to help with software inspection during which I learned how to flash a Samantha module. The day ended with operating the field control and watching the matches. So all in all it was a great day! -John Paul

external image 16073947547_512da1441c_b.jpg
Meet the zebra squad. The zebra boss is chilling in the center ~Olivia
external image 16073651169_d9c181cbd7_b.jpg
I was sitting behind the table operating field control and making sure that no robots lost connection. -Matthew

external image 16285601836_c5b427ceeb_b.jpg
Here I'm learning some new rules.--Taylor

80/20 Update - T.R.O.N. 6302:

T.R.O.N. 80/20
Tron was one of our 80/20 grant teams. They use an 80/20 frame and lift to score balls. Their lift was one of the only two that could reach the end game goal. They had a few technical issues, but their robot was scoring excellently and they will have plenty of time to work that our before state. ~Olivia

external image 15637374344_d23748306d_b.jpg
TRON scoring end game. ~Olivia
external image 16258951592_2b6dfbabcd_b.jpg
TRON filled up the center goal worth 168 points - Wesley